The Curse of the Gloamglozer

Series: The Quint Saga
First published: Sep 03 2001
Followed by: The Winter Knights

The Curse of the Gloamglozer is the first book of the Quint saga – the first trilogy in the Edge Chronicles.

Fourteen-year-old Quint Verginix is the only remaining son of famous sky-pirate Wind Jackal. He and his father have journeyed to the city of Sanctaphrax – a great floating rock, anchored to the ground below by a chain, its inhabitants living with their heads literally in the clouds.

But the city hides a dangerous secret: deep inside the great rock, something horrible lurks.  With his father away, Quint may be the only one who can save Sanctaphrax from the dreaded curse of the gloamglozer . . .

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  • “Stunningly original ”


  • “For children who've read the Harry Potter books and want another world to explore”

    Mail on Sunday

  • “Wondrously inventive... A new variety of characters, beings, classic–like names and gravity–defying geography once again feeds detail and delight to an ever–increasingly ever–eager–for–the–next readership”

    School Librarian

  • “A book that is hard to put down”

    Through The Looking Glass

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